Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I am currently working on a Patriotic quilt for my son. I used the Buck a Block squares that I put together in 2006, along with the same patriotic fabrics I used in my Dads quilt.

My Mom and sisters all liked their aprons! My Mother in law also likes her placemats and says they match their new wall color perfectly! She knew I made them when she looked at the sewing! LOL

I have so many sewing projects waiting to be started!

Happy Sewing!



Today I finished binding the last 3 placemats, and then sewed 2 aprons.

Now I'm just trying to decide what to start on next! I would like to make two quilts, one for each of my children. My son is not picky and I'm sure he would like whatever I do, but my daughter is a different story! So I will let her pick the materials, and let her help design her own.

Happy sewing!



I am working on 6 quilted placemats for my Mother in Law for Christmas. What a task! Today I finished the first one. Now I have 5 more to layer, quilt and bind! I should be able to finish by Friday! I used the layout from a placemat in "Sew Creative Gifts for Under $10" by House of White Birches. Though mine is simpler, no fanciful fish in the center! LOL
Happy Sewing!



After several months of doing nothing, I put together an apron for my Mom. My daughter cut out the pattern last year, and we tried sewing it with the little sewing Machine my Mom had sent her the year prior, along with the pattern and material for the apron. (We didn't use the material she sent) But the little sewing machine didn't work properly, and my daughter gave up on the project. I have been wanting to sew "something" and I came across the apron. I spent an afternoon on the project, and am now in the process of starting on some Christmas gifts. Meaning, washing and ironing the material I am going to use! That's how I spent my Monday, ironing! : )
Now to the fun part, cutting and sewing!



It's been a long time since I blogged any of my sewing, because I haven't done a whole lot. The first CQ block is one I am currently working on-slowly. The next two will be a part of a wall hanging I am making for our bedroom. The monogram is on my sample block, and the last of my Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches (Algerian Eye).
I hope to start stitching more! I also need to start on a quilt for my sister who is getting married in September!



Here are some blocks that Debbie R and I are working on for a quilt for a Mother who lost her son in Iraq.
This weekend Debbie taught me two different techniques to applique, and tonight was the first time I have used the machine satin stitch. I was very reluctant to bring the block home, but now I am glad I did! I practiced first on some scrap material, and when it looked right I started on the large heart block. I had no problems, that is until I was within 2 1/2 inches of being finished!
The blocks will be 12"x12" finished. It is going to be beautiful!

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I picked up the CQ block that I had started in Sept. yesterday and worked on it today also.

My favorite seam embellishment is the buttonhole stitch with detached chain and flower beads. Today I added the butterflies, the SRE bouquet, heart pendant, buttons surrounded by beads, and the bottom left seam (crochet flower, flower lace with beads).

I also put together the last of my buck a blocks from last year. I think crazy quilting is more my thing. Why? Seams don't have to match up! I have such a hard time with my blocks matching up. I have even used Susan's suggestions, while using thangles to sew just inside the line, and stitch length. This years buck a blocks are larger. Last years were 1 1/2" with 5x5 blocks, this years are 2 inches, and 4x4.

Guess the best thing to do is keep on practicing!

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