I have just finished the quilt top for my Dad's quilt. The task ahead will be a challenge. This will be my first attempt at machine quilting. After I finish this one, I get to start on mine!
Happy New Year!


Another Project!
Tonight we were at WalMart waiting for my daughters film to develop. As we were walking around we came across January's new fabric and free quilt pattern. I said, "ohh how pretty." and I was tearing off the quilt pattern. I said nothing about ohh honey, could I get this. My dear hubby asked if all the different fabrics were there on display and he had me name off the numbers of the fabric. They were all there and he started putting them on the cart and pushed them over to have them cut! Now I just have to finish my Dad's quilt and I can start on ours!
Thank you Dear Hubby!



I finally finished the quilt for my sister and got it in the mail last night. When I returned home I started on a quilt for my Dad's BDay which is today! So, it is going to be a little late. My dad loves planes, and it will be surrounded by patriotic fabric. My goal is to get it all cut out today, and start sewing it together tomorrow.

This morning my hubby bought me some felt, to hang up and use to lay out my quilt tops, (see pic above) and I had asked him to buy me a seam ripper (mine has dissappeared) and when he got back home, he gave me my Christmas present early, a walking foot! He's one great man! ! Thank you Honey, I can't wait to machine quilt!

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This is my very first quilt. The coloring is not very good due to the lighting in the house. It is pink, white, and green. I chose 8" blocks for my first attempt at making a quilt. It wasn't put together correctly either. I didn't have the right working area, and no real instruction on how to do it. It is tied. Not perfect, but I made it, and I like it! LOL.
I had forgotten to even mention it here, until I was talking about it tonight with Virginia and she asked if it was on my blog.
Hopefully someday we will have a home with more space, preferably with a sewing room and I can sew on a daily basis. As it is now, I sew at the dining room table. Would be great to keep my sewing machine set up and ready to create quilts and clothes.



I have just finished the top of a quilt that I am making for my youngest sister for Christmas. I spent more time procrastinating on getting started! I am really pleased with how it came out. This is only my third quilt and it is also the largest. Putting it together is the real task ahead! Thank you Debbie for your math skills and help.

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