Here are some blocks that Debbie R and I are working on for a quilt for a Mother who lost her son in Iraq.
This weekend Debbie taught me two different techniques to applique, and tonight was the first time I have used the machine satin stitch. I was very reluctant to bring the block home, but now I am glad I did! I practiced first on some scrap material, and when it looked right I started on the large heart block. I had no problems, that is until I was within 2 1/2 inches of being finished!
The blocks will be 12"x12" finished. It is going to be beautiful!

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I picked up the CQ block that I had started in Sept. yesterday and worked on it today also.

My favorite seam embellishment is the buttonhole stitch with detached chain and flower beads. Today I added the butterflies, the SRE bouquet, heart pendant, buttons surrounded by beads, and the bottom left seam (crochet flower, flower lace with beads).

I also put together the last of my buck a blocks from last year. I think crazy quilting is more my thing. Why? Seams don't have to match up! I have such a hard time with my blocks matching up. I have even used Susan's suggestions, while using thangles to sew just inside the line, and stitch length. This years buck a blocks are larger. Last years were 1 1/2" with 5x5 blocks, this years are 2 inches, and 4x4.

Guess the best thing to do is keep on practicing!


Sharon Boggon's Take a stitch Tuesday

I have read other blogs and several have been talking about the TAST. So I went to In a minute ago to check it out. I am still a newbie to Crazy Quilting and would like to learn some more about the stitches and get inspiration from others. This is week three, so I decided to sample my stitches on a CQ block.
Here is the herringbone and detached chain.
And the blanket stitch. It is not a very good pic. First I used a lavendar DMC with the stitches pointing into the green fabric, then I used white to stitch towards the top and in between the lavendar. Sort of like a zipper affect.
I can certainly use more practice!

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A great big THANK YOU to Debbie R for my machine quilting lesson!
The varigated stitches were done on her bernina. She showed me free motion quilting (which I believe I'm going to LOVE) and with the walking foot I played around with some of the stitches her machine can do. Debbie did the two big hearts.
Just today I used my walking foot (Christmas present from hubby) for the first time and put the square border around the piece and the block K. Now I need to finish the edges of my Dads quilt and get it in the mail.

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