I picked up the CQ block that I had started in Sept. yesterday and worked on it today also.

My favorite seam embellishment is the buttonhole stitch with detached chain and flower beads. Today I added the butterflies, the SRE bouquet, heart pendant, buttons surrounded by beads, and the bottom left seam (crochet flower, flower lace with beads).

I also put together the last of my buck a blocks from last year. I think crazy quilting is more my thing. Why? Seams don't have to match up! I have such a hard time with my blocks matching up. I have even used Susan's suggestions, while using thangles to sew just inside the line, and stitch length. This years buck a blocks are larger. Last years were 1 1/2" with 5x5 blocks, this years are 2 inches, and 4x4.

Guess the best thing to do is keep on practicing!

Your sane quilting and crazy quilting are both beautiful!

I would categorize myself as a sane quilter reject. =) I could never succesfully get points to match either and it frustrated me to no end! When Debbie showed me CQ it was the answer to everything for me!

Love seeing your stuff sis! So pretty!
You're doing great! Don't sell yourself short! Though I must admit, CQ is a whole lot more creative, at least I think so. And I was a sane quilter for many years. :-)
The quilt blocks look fine. Those angled pieces are hard. The only thing that makes them perfect is perfect seam allowances, and sometimes that doesn't seem to work either!

I really love your CQ, especially those grapes - very graceful!
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