This is a CQ block that I am currently working on. I started on it in Sept, now am getting back to it. I may make it a pillow when it is finished.



Today I worked on two more of my BOM. The blocks are made with Thangles which is suppose to make putting two triangles together easy. As I put my fabric up to the sewing machine needle, I noticed the needle was pushed all the way to the right, so I moved the lever to center it, and it doesn't move. I move the switch to move it left, center, and right again and no movement. Now how did the whole thing get bent to where it is now unable to sew. I was perplexed!! Well, then I looked at the stitch knob (forgive me, I know very little machine lingo) and it was set on the wide zigzag! DUH!!!! LOL
Now, I am able to start sewing. Next I cut my thangles in half, press them and notice a couple of them are to small, not sure how that happened either. I wound up having to put together 3 more. Now comes another difficult task, sewing each piece together. OK that isn't hard, getting the seams to all line up is! The first one came out ok, and the second a little better. Maybe by the time I sew the 12th one, it will be Good!



A RR Hopeful

I joined Crazyquiltingsisters yahoo group, and they are starting a "In the garden" Round Robin. I am hoping that I will be able to join in, and I have just finished piecing my block together. I have trouble with the last side. I dont want a whole side in just one fabric, and I had only a few colors of fabric that went together. So I stepped away from it, looked at other blogger sites that CQ, and then went back to it. I think it will do! This will be my very first RR! Hopefully that last sentence doesn't scare anyone! LOL! I am still fairly new at CQ. Maybe I should wait to post this until after I'm accepted into the RR!


Grandmas Dresden

I have inherited a dozen of hand sewn Dresden quilt pieces. My maternal Grandmother passed away in 1979, and I don't know when she put these together. I hope to finish them (first I have to learn how) and then I will have something very special!



In Jan of this year a local quilt shop started a Block of the Month. I have only cut and sewn three months, and have made a fourth out of the scarps from the first two months. I really need to work on getting my seems to match. I know of someone who has said before that she just loves to rip out seems! I hate doing that! But, I think it is something I need to do, especially with the these first 3 blocks!
The third pic is the one I made with the scraps of the first two. I should really get busy and do the other blocks!


This is a picture of my first Crazy Quilt project. Debbie R provided the material for the blocks and the lesson! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with me!
These blocks are not embellished except for a couple of buttons and my attempt to make ribbon roses. It is simple, but I really do like it! It remains unfinished however. I need to put a back on it. It is the cover for my keyboard.

My second project was a wall quilt for my Mom.

I also did a CQ block which I put in a frame for one of my sisters, but forgot to get a picture! I will have to remind her to get a pic for me!

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