Today I worked on two more of my BOM. The blocks are made with Thangles which is suppose to make putting two triangles together easy. As I put my fabric up to the sewing machine needle, I noticed the needle was pushed all the way to the right, so I moved the lever to center it, and it doesn't move. I move the switch to move it left, center, and right again and no movement. Now how did the whole thing get bent to where it is now unable to sew. I was perplexed!! Well, then I looked at the stitch knob (forgive me, I know very little machine lingo) and it was set on the wide zigzag! DUH!!!! LOL
Now, I am able to start sewing. Next I cut my thangles in half, press them and notice a couple of them are to small, not sure how that happened either. I wound up having to put together 3 more. Now comes another difficult task, sewing each piece together. OK that isn't hard, getting the seams to all line up is! The first one came out ok, and the second a little better. Maybe by the time I sew the 12th one, it will be Good!

With Thangles, Triangles on a Roll, or any of those HST things, sew just *inside* the seam allowance, not on the line itself. When it's pressed back, the seam takes just a little out of the block, so sewing inside the line (in the seam allowance part) makes it a scant 1/4".

Also, press them with the paper on, to prevent stretching out of shape. I like to sew and press so that the paper is bent when I press. Then I just hold the triangle corner in one hand and the seam in the other and pop them apart.

You are using a tiny stitch, aren't you? 15 or 1.5, whichever way your machine counts them?

Susan, who has sewn thousands of these!

PS - Your blocks look wonderful.
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