A RR Hopeful

I joined Crazyquiltingsisters yahoo group, and they are starting a "In the garden" Round Robin. I am hoping that I will be able to join in, and I have just finished piecing my block together. I have trouble with the last side. I dont want a whole side in just one fabric, and I had only a few colors of fabric that went together. So I stepped away from it, looked at other blogger sites that CQ, and then went back to it. I think it will do! This will be my very first RR! Hopefully that last sentence doesn't scare anyone! LOL! I am still fairly new at CQ. Maybe I should wait to post this until after I'm accepted into the RR!

Yay Kathy!
OMG! I just saw your cat at the top of the page and it looks exactly like Madeline! Is your cat a pixie bob?
Those two cats look like kin!
Your block is so pretty. I am adding you to my blog hop and I look forward to reading and learning.

I might have to join the second group as well. =)

Welcome to the blogging world!

Your block looks just fine to me. If you were working it yourself, you could always put a fancy piece of lace at another angle across that top left corner and change the look still more. Or put a lace motif there that does it. Someone will probably do something that changes it for you!
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