Sharon Boggon's Take a stitch Tuesday

I have read other blogs and several have been talking about the TAST. So I went to In a minute ago to check it out. I am still a newbie to Crazy Quilting and would like to learn some more about the stitches and get inspiration from others. This is week three, so I decided to sample my stitches on a CQ block.
Here is the herringbone and detached chain.
And the blanket stitch. It is not a very good pic. First I used a lavendar DMC with the stitches pointing into the green fabric, then I used white to stitch towards the top and in between the lavendar. Sort of like a zipper affect.
I can certainly use more practice!

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You are doing great! Addicted yet? :-)
Your stitching is wonderful. I wish it showed up more, because it needs to be seen. =) Don't be shy about it. You are doing a great job! Your buttonhole was so even! The herringbone - both sections - looks good, too. Your stitching is really lovely.
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