A great big THANK YOU to Debbie R for my machine quilting lesson!
The varigated stitches were done on her bernina. She showed me free motion quilting (which I believe I'm going to LOVE) and with the walking foot I played around with some of the stitches her machine can do. Debbie did the two big hearts.
Just today I used my walking foot (Christmas present from hubby) for the first time and put the square border around the piece and the block K. Now I need to finish the edges of my Dads quilt and get it in the mail.

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Ohhhh- I wish I could have been watching over your shoulder. =) I have always wanted to try my hand at free motion embroidery and quilting.

I am trying to get a vintage darning embroidery foot for my featherweight sewing machine but they are so expensive and hard to find lately. I might have to give in and buy a new foot for my old machine.

Keep us posted on your work. Your latest blocks are lovely!
You are a natural! Can't wait to see what you do next!
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