Here are some blocks that Debbie R and I are working on for a quilt for a Mother who lost her son in Iraq.
This weekend Debbie taught me two different techniques to applique, and tonight was the first time I have used the machine satin stitch. I was very reluctant to bring the block home, but now I am glad I did! I practiced first on some scrap material, and when it looked right I started on the large heart block. I had no problems, that is until I was within 2 1/2 inches of being finished!
The blocks will be 12"x12" finished. It is going to be beautiful!

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Half the fun is working on it with you!!!!!
These look great to me! I saw the quilt on Debbie's blog and you two did a wonderful job, and a wonderful thing for this mom.
Very nice thing you are doing.
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